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Main Specifications


Multifunction Oven with Programmer

71 Ltrs Capacity

Slide & Hide Door with softClose


Pyrolytic Cleaning System

2.5” TFT Display

Sabbath Setting

Telescopic Shelf

Circotherm Cooking System

Black Glass with Steel Trims


Height 59.5cms x Width 59.5cms x Depth 54.8cms


We can deliver this oven to any room in your
home Free of Charge. This will not include unpacking 
and installation.
We can install this oven to suitable connections for £70.
This will include disconnecting the old one, unpacking and
removing the packaging and the old oven for recycling. On the 25th July AO.com were charging from £10 for delivery, £90 for installation and removal of an old oven and £15 for recycling of an oven. The above prices at AO.com were checked at 14.52 on the 25th July 2018 and are subject to change


B57CR23N0BBuilt In Single Oven

The NEFF B57CR23N0B.single multifunction oven has a disappearing door, 2.5” colour display and self-cleaning mode. Unlike most fan-assisted ovens that use the fan to push air into the cavity, the NEFF B57CR23N0B uses the fan to pull air out of the cavity and then forces it through specially placed vents. This cooking system – called CircoTherm – circulates the hot air around the oven evenly leading to perfectly cooked food on every shelf.  The integrated grill can be used as full-width or just the central section, depending on the quantity of food you are cooking, by selecting either the full or central surface grill functions. The door is quadruple glazed which ensures the heat stays in the oven and no energy is wasted. This feature has helped the NEFF B57CR23N0B gain an A+ energy efficiency rating. The oven comes with two shelves and a universal pan that can be placed on four different levels inside the cavity. A telescopic rail on one of the levels allows you to pull the shelf entirely out of the oven without it tipping over. Say goodbye to spending hours scrubbing your oven or spending money on chemical cleaners thanks to NEFF’s pyrolytic self-cleaning programme. By heating the oven up to a staggering 500°C, all the grease and grime is reduced to ash, allowing you to simply wipe it away with a damp cloth. Due to the high temperatures reached the oven door is automatically locked when using this programme for that added peace of mind.



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