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Main Specifications


8kg Condenser Tumble Dryer
B Energy Rated

16 Programmes

Automatic Anti-Creasing

Sensor Drying

LED Display


3 Year Guarantee


Height 84.6 cms x Width 59.7 cms x Depth 58.9 cms


We can deliver this tumble dryer to any room in your
home Free of Charge. This will not include unpacking 
and installation.
We can install this tumble dryer to suitable connections
for £15.
This will include disconnecting the old one, unpacking and
removing the packaging for recycling. We can recycle the old tumble dryer for £10 On the 12th April AO.com were charging from £10 for delivery, £15 for installation and £15 for disposal On the 12th April Currys were charging £19.99 for delivery, and from £20 for disposal. They are not listing installation charges. The above prices at AO.com and Currys.co.uk were checked at 10.20 on the 12th April 2018 and are subject to change

LTK28031G 8Kg Load Condenser Tumble Dryer

The busy nature of our day-to-day lives means that wet washing can take over the house. Luckily, Blomberg’s LTK28031G has a large drum that can hold 8 kg of clothes, so there’s always room for that last shirt or extra sock. You can also save energy by getting through your washing in fewer loads. This freestanding tumble dryer has a total of 16 programmes, so you’ll always find the right cycle for your load. Choose the ideal setting for jeans, shirts, delicates and more. Or, if you want even more flexibility, you can pick how dry you want your laundry to be. The LTK28031G comes with built-in sensors which detect the level of moisture in the drum. One of the dryer’s smartest features, these sensors will stop the cycle when the desired dryness is achieved. This helps avoid over-drying which can shrink clothes, and saves money by reducing wasted energy. Blomberg has also designed the LTK28031G to make your life easier, with features like the reverse action drum, which stops clothes from tangling together. There’s even an automatic anti-crease function that rotates the drum for up to two hours after the cycle has finished. Need the laundry ready for a particular time? You’ll find a timer delay setting on this Blomberg tumble dryer, which will start the cycle at a time that suits you. Fill up the drum before you leave the house and schedule it to be ready for when you come back. Or, why not dry a load in the middle of the night? This can save you money on certain energy tariffs and means you can enjoy a peaceful, undisturbed evening.



    Extend the guarantee with an

      4 Year Warranty  £70.74
      5 Year Warranty  £83.70