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Terms and Conditions of Sale                    


When you purchase your appliance from us we will normally arrange delivery at the time
of sale. We will arrange delivery as soon as possible for items in stock, but there 
will be a small delay for any items we need to order. Most items arrive within 3/4 
days but we will endevour to give an approximate delivery date at the time of order.

Unfortunately prices can alter on a daily basis. When you purchase an appliance you 
are agreeing to the price at the time of sale. Should the price alter after the
sale we are unable to change the price charged.

In the event a mistake is made with the pricing of an appliance you have ordered
we will contact you and give the option of altering or cancelling the order

Should any item you order become unavailable we will offer an alternative, which may
be at a different price, or offer a refund.


Delivery Information


We deliver large appliances locally free of charge.*

We normally arrange delivery at our premesis at the time of sale. This may not
be possible if a third party installer be needed, e.g. for gas or built in products

Should anything occur which means that there would be no one at accept delivery
at the arranged time, please contact us as soon as possible to rearrange delivery. 

Our deliveries are normally carried out by a two man team

A signature, from an adult, will be required at time of delivery to accept goods

Appliances MUST be checked at the time of delivery for any damage BEFORE signing for
the item.                                     

Should the appliance be moved after our delivery team have left the premesis, we cannot
be held responsible for any damage, however caused, to the appliance.

* Should there be no one at home and we have not been contacted to rearrange delivery
  we reserve the right to levy a charge for subsequent attempts to deliver. This is
  especially important if an external installer has been arranged.

We cannot be held responsible for damage to flooring, especially lino, while removing 
an old  product or installing a new one. 
We recommend a protective covering is placed over the floor
Installation Information                                 


We will install a product we have supplied on a like for like basis, e.g. washing
machine for a washing machine, to existing plumbing and electrical fittings.*
We DO NOT carry out plumbing or electrical work, or alter cabinets any product
is fitted into. Please note we DO NOT install built in products or gas appliances
but are able to recommend or arrange qualified, local installers, whom we have been
working with for many years. ALL gas products MUST be installed by a qualified
person or there will be no guarantee on that product.                                                                                                                       

It is the customers responsibility to check measurements to make sure any product
purchased will fit (Please check the gap the appliance is to fit in as well as the
product already in place) and that suitable electrical or plumbing connections are

We cannot be held responsible for damage to flooring, especially lino, while removing 
an old  product or installing a new one. 
We recommend a protective covering is placed over the floor

We are able to remove an old appliance and the packaging for responsible recycling,
for which a charge is made.                                                         

Our current charges to unpack, remove the packaging and install a product are:                                             

Washing Machines   £20                                                                                                                 
Dishwashers        £20                                                                                                         
Tumble Dryers      £10                                                                                                     
Refrigeration      £15                                                           
Televisions        £30**                                                                                                                  

Removal of old appliance for recycling   £10  

*Please Note: We only install products to existing, up to specification, connections. We
WILL NOT connect a product where it will be unsafe or where the connections are not to
the standard needed, e.g. siezed or dripping water connections or damaged electrical
Should plumbing or electrical work be needed we can arrange for this to be done by a 
local qualified person, for which there will be a charge levied by them, or we can 
supply details of someone who you can arrange with to carry out the work.                                          
** Installation onto a tv stand. Excludes installation to wall brackets or any non 
standard installation.


Unfortunately, sometimes things do not go to as planned. Should you have cause to 
complain please contact us as we take all complaints seriously and will do all we
can to rectify the situation.                                          

If your product developes a fault whilst under guarantee the manufacturers will 
call and rectify any problem you have. Please note this does not affect your 
statutary rights.                                                                
Manufacturers will not cover any faults caused by misuse, neglect, wear and tear, 
or improper use of an appliance                                                 

Incorrect appliances delivered, or damaged goods received, must be reported as as 
soon as possible but within 24 hours.                                           
Please DO NOT unpack, connect or use damaged or incorrect goods as this will 
be taken as acceptance of the goods and deem them non returnable.
You have a duty of care for any products in your possession and we reserve the
right to charge for any damage, however caused, during this period.

Please note while we make every effort to make sure all information on this website
is correct, we can not be held resonsible for any typographical errors with regards 
to pricing or specification. We endevour to make sure any price changes are altered
as soon as possible, but sometimes illness or holidays may mean there is a delay.
Please contact the shop to make sure prices are correct.


Your Statutory Rights                                                

Please Note none of the above affect your statutory rights.